Ethics Guidelines

Submitted by the CAJ Ethics Advisory Committee, June 2011

Ethics Guidelines PDF version


This document – along with the accompanying “Principles for Ethical Journalism” – is intended to help both seasoned professionals and new journalists to hold themselves accountable for professional work. While many specific questions are considered here, it is impossible to capture all potential scenarios in a document such as this. Instead, it seeks to provide examples of the application of our general ethical principles, and to help journalists apply those principles and their best judgment when faced with scenarios not covered here. Updates will be…


Principles for Ethical Journalism

Journalists have the duty and privilege to seek and report the truth, encourage civic debate to build our communities, and serve the public interest. We vigorously defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press as guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We return society's trust by practising our craft responsibly and respecting our fellow-citizens' rights.

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CAJ pleased with CRTC decision on news channels

The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has moved to make access to Canadian news television channels fairer.

CAJ disappointed over cuts at Sun Media

The Canadian Association of Journalists is disappointed to hear Sun Media has decided to cut 200 jobs across its operations.

CAJ to New Brunswick RCMP – Recognize freedom of the press

The Canadian Association of Journalists is calling on the RCMP to either lay charges or stop harassing a journalist working in New Brunswick arrested for the third time on Nov. 28.

CAJ testifies at House of Commons committee on Parliamentary transparency

"Our job is to witness events and speak truth to power, not take people of influence at their word and, eventually, read fairly sparse meeting minutes whenever they’re posted online." -- CAJ vice-president Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Bill C-461: A Threat to Canada’s Public Broadcaster

The CBC’s journalistic integrity and its inherent right to freedom of expression could be damaged.

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